JJ's Classic Collections

We are independent silk saree retailers dealing exclusively in a variety of original silk sarees. We offer a wide selection of handpicked, top quality silk sarees, brought to you directly from the weavers in Kancheepuram, India. We have an extensive range of pure sarees that are suitable for all occassions, from classy yet casual wear to traditional formal wedding wear.

Kancheepuram sarees are popularly known as the queen of all sarees as it has noted texture, glimmer, permanence and refinement. They are the most elegant, desirable and luxurious of all sarees.These sarees are made from a heavy silk material known as the Kancheepuram silk which can be easily maintained at home. It can be washed with water at home for the saris are durable enough. It is quite expensive for the fact of its finesse and it weighs more than any other silk sari. The quality of the sari is graded based on how heavy the sari is.

The heavier the sari the better the quality. But however these days there are also light weight sarisavailable in the market which are made from Korean and Chinese silk. The mulberry silk which is got from Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are supposed to be the best silk for weaving the classic Kancheepuram sari.